Day 1: When Murphy’s Law Strikes an Unapologetic Optimist

This week has been insane for everyone it seems. Usually, I’m okay with insane. My motto is “You can sleep when you are dead” (which, for me, usually means Sunday afternoons). But this week all I’ve wanted to do is sleep to escape the world.

On Sunday, everything went great. I went to my best friend’s house with our group of friends, and his girlfriend (also one of my best friends) made us breakfast for lunch. We then proceeded to spend the day watching The House Bunny, Bridesmaids, the Grammys, and (much to my chagrin) The Possession. And when I say that we watched The Possession, I mean that I was on PInterest while Ben, Brandon, Reilly, and Kayla watched. 

Except for the scariest scenes. Of course I watched those, my curiosity overcame my flight response. But I didn’t cry, and of that I am very proud. Brandon and Reilly, who boast their scary movie watching abilities had to leave the room. 

          Maggie: 1, Boys: 0

Also, funny side note, when Brandon gets scared, he starts to make fun of things. And when he’s scared of scary movies in particular, he starts to make fun of them in his Gollum voice…which is scary good. I’ll upload a video of it for y’all if I can ever figure out how.

So that was my Sunday night. Monday was hectic. I’m an English person, I want to teach high school English when I’ve graduated, and I take pride in my writing. So when I got back my argument paper with a big fat 75 on it, I was way upset. While it most definitely was not A+ material, it wasn’t 75 material. So that started the day in a bad direction. I was up doing homework until 2 o’clock that morning: Like I said earlier, I can sleep when I’m dead.

Tuesday is when the ish really hit the fan though. While I was in the shower before class, my roommate locked me out, and my RA had an 8 o’clock. I think I freaked the RA down the hall out when some strange girl came to her door in a towel dripping wet. Thankfully, she was able to unlock my door! Then, I got to the first class of the day – the reason I was up until 2 the night before – and I hadn’t had to have the reading done yet. So I was exhausted and ticked. But the icing on the cake? I got my first ticket. I backed into a car – a Mustang Challenger – and the guy who drove it just happened to go to my school. Guess who gets to take defensive driving?

But as indicated in the title of this entry, I’m a bit of an optimist, and as such I feel compelled to tell y’all the bright side of the story!

Monday, I was up doing homework till 2 in the morning…but I also registered for my summer classes (I’m actually really excited about taking Major British Writers!), and I was doing homework with some of the people I love most in the world.

Tuesday, I got the news that my English teacher from last semester has been using my paper as an example in some of her English classes this semester – a class in which seven or eight of my close friends are enrolled. (This is exciting stuff people!) I got a 97 on my first test in my Education class, and I learned that I get to go observe a 12th grade English class at one of the local high schools next Thursday! (Again…way too excited about all of this.) Then, there was the guy I hit with my car. He was super chill about the whole thing, and now he’s got my number! Haha. My parents were also really cool about it…they were just thankful that my first wreck included no injuries, and that it wasn’t until college (my dad has taken defensive driving three times since I’ve been around, once because he backed into my best friend’s car). And thankfully, I have a job so that I can pay the ticket! 

Plus, I get to go to college with some amazing people who I love very much. I am so thankful for that. 



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