Day 2: The Hawkeye Initiative – Superhero or Strip Tease?

love superheros. Superhero anything. For Halloween, my friends and I went as The Avengers (I was Cap, of course. A bit of a girly-er version, but hey. Sometimes it’s fun to be girly.)


My mom wasn’t too happy when I brought this comforter home:


So yeah, I like superheros.

But something that’s always bothered me is the main reason my parents didn’t raise me on comic books – the way that women are portrayed.

They’re strong, they’re smart, and it’s only normal that you objectify them.

Like, I’m sorry, but there is no way that Wonder Woman has avoided her eminent wardrobe malfunction this long. It’s ridiculous! Come on, you’re Wonder Woman.

There’s this thing I found called The Hawkeye Initiative, a tumblr page that makes fun of comic book cartoonists/artists for objectifying all female characters.

How do they do this?

By replacing the females with Hawkeye.

(Side note – I tried to pick a tamer one. Thanks to sexist pigs and pissed off feminists/equal rights promoters, these get racy.)

tumblr_mej2l4aqFt1qgppkx tumblr_mej2ujJCCl1qhqo4lo1_1280

So if you’re ever up for some girl power, go check out The Hawkeye Initiative.

Just don’t be like me, and go there on your Christian University’s wifi…it looks pretty sketchy if you don’t know what it is.


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