Day Whatever: Exhaustion and Peace

It’s midterms week! Why in the world I’m writing on a blog with one follower when I should be studying, I don’t know. It’s probably gonna come back and bite me in the rear later tonight when the coffee shop on campus is out of espresso beans (again). But why should I care? It’s time to make mistakes, right?

Anywho, I’m exhausted. I don’t sleep hardly ever, because during the weeks I’m up late (getting to bed by midnight is awesome) and on the weekends I stay up to all hours with my friends (This week, we were up playing Scategories. I actually didn’t stay up that late this weekend because the rest of the group wanted to go out to Anson to play hide and seek in the graveyard. Graveyards really aren’t my thing, so I was asleep in my dorm by 12:30.). And often, when I’m exhausted, I decide not to go to church. God loves me whether or not I have a perfect attendance record, right?

While this is true, I always feel better if I’ve gone to church. I get refueled, even if I doze off during the sermon, by the singing, through communion and in the University class. Yesterday was especially wonderful because of the 5 o’clock service I attended, Highland at Grace. I haven’t felt that good coming out of a nighttime service in a long time. 

It got me thinking – exhaustion should be something that drives me to go to church more, not to sleep in. Satan does his best work when we aren’t on our toes, and when we’ve gone a long time without being in community with one another. 

I’m not done with this post quite yet, but I’ve got to go to class. So for now I’ll end with this: this week is going to be a pain, but I’m glad I’m walking into it replenished and full of faith that God isn’t going to let me get completely screwed over.