Cheerful Thoughts & A Thankful Heart

It’s been a good week, y’all.

I know a lot of these posts are about a theme (I say “a lot” like I actually have a lot) but right now I just want to write about what’s been going on around here. So here goes!

Part One: The Proposal

So, I’m a part of a few different friend groups. The one in question involves myself, Callie, Kayla, Ben, Brandon, & Reilly. Kay & Rei got engaged last Sunday. #bridesmaidstatus

Part Two: The Parentals

When I first got home for the summer from college, things were really tense with my parents. They wanted to go back to when I was in high school (don’t be fooled-it was only last summer) while I wanted to stick with dorm life. Staying out when I wanted to, keeping my room how I wanted to, taking a shower without fear of using up all the hot water, and eating out regularly. So things got more and more tense, and finally we got in an argument. But we talked it out, and now we’re all fine!

Part Three: The Coworkers

Did I mention that I love the people I work with? At the snowcone stand, they’re all in my age range, and we all get along (For the most part. I was subjected to a ten minute speech on why letting gays be in Boy Scouts was a terrible awful no good very bad thing. Poor thing didn’t realize he’s becoming his father.) At the school, it’s the people I work for – the Political Science/Criminal Justice professors. They’re so fantastic. And I quote:

“Maggie, you’re at the time in your life when you can do whatever you want. You can pick up and move whenever and wherever. It’s great! One time, I picked up and moved to Mexico for a year under the name Esther – I spoke perfect Spanish, so no one suspected a thing! But once you have kids, the nights at Guitars are over!

Part Four: The Close Encounter

This summer, I’m going to get to teach a class with my old youth minister at a summer camp at LCU called Encounter. And the kicker? It’s over redemption (See my post Comparisons, you’ll understand why this topic is in fact a kicker). And Ev even asked if I’d talk about how it’s impacted my life, and how I’ve handled redemption, and then we’re going to have a prayer station where the students can come and talk to/pray with one another – or me!!! I CAN’T WAIT.

Part Five: The Winchesters

I’m officially in season 7 of Supernatural. 

Part Six: The Bionic Woman

One of my best friends, Jenae, has been battling severe fibromyalgia for about a year and a half now. She just had a surgery where they implanted these little pulse thingies that minimize her pain, and for the first time since she had to drop out of college last semester I got to hug her. I almost cried I was so happy when she got up to come answer the door herself. The pain has been debilitating, and hopefully now she can return to the normal life of a nineteen year old girl (she is one of the youngest to receive her procedure). (You can check out her awesome photography at & hear some more about her story as she updates it on her blog at Kay, Rei, Ben, Brandon and I all went over to her house and ate dinner and watched POTC (the first one, of course) and laughed so hard! I don’t remember the last time I heard Jenae laugh like that. It was fantastic. God works miracles, guys. Rarely in the time frame we ask for, but He does.


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