Stuck Between “Boy Crazy” and “Maybe She’s a Lesbian”

(I’m about to rant a little bit, but part of why I’m doing it is so that if some person out there stumbles across this blog post, they’ll know they’re not alone. Feeling like you’re the only one like you is the worst.)


I hate being a girl sometimes. Especially when I’m surrounded (generally) by status-quo girls.

Why? Being a girl is great, when you get doors opened for you, and when guys call you ma’am, and when you get free stuff. But it’s not so great when you don’t really fit in with the girls, and you’re the only one who wants to do a cannon ball contest, and you like cooking but would rather talk about The Walking Dead than about who is dating who (even though, let’s face it, that can be intriguing). And then you get the weird looks from the girls and the “huh. must be a lesbian” looks from the guys. And then the girls judge you hard for being boy crazy because you get along better with the guys, which puts a bigger wedge in that friendship, and the guys only include you because why not, or even worse just ignore you, or go back to the “huh. must be a lesbian” looks. Awesome.

Maybe I’m just feeling victimized, but since I feel like I can’t really talk to anybody besides the rents about this, and they’re both asleep, I’m blogging about it.


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